The Temptress Eve; Made in the Image of God?

The term Eve teasing (commonly used in South Asian countries) says it all. Men see women as temptresses, following in the footsteps of their ‘mother’ Eve. Apparently we can’t help ourselves because as daughters of Eve, the first temptress, we carry her curse in our genes. But is this true? Are we inherently temptresses? Was Eve a temptress? The evidence points to the contrary. The evidence points to a God of Love who created male and female equal.

God made Eve. He created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female He created them. Not only did God create Eve, but He created her in His own image.

What does that mean, that mankind, both male and female were made in God’s image? It doesn’t refer to a physical likeness but it refers to an intellectual likeness, a moral likeness and a social likeness. All these attributes were evident in both Adam and Eve. Adam didn’t get more of any of these likenesses than Eve. They were made equal.

That means that as daughters of Eve, we are given intellectual abilities just as Adam was. It means that we have minds that are capable of hearing and understanding God. We can respond to God in love and devotion and we also have the will to decide whether we will or will not worship God. As daughters of Eve we were given the ability to design, to create, to calculate, to reason, to think both concretely and abstractly. We were given the same intellectual powers as Adam.

That means that as daughters of Eve, we were made with a spirit, with God-consciousness. We are capable of communicating with Him, praying to Him, worshipping Him. We were made equal with Adam morally, without deviation.

That means that as daughters of Eve, we, like Adam, were created with the ability to love and to be loved. Not only were both of them made to enjoy a relationship with God but also with each other. God made both male and female in His image, without deviation.

To say women, unlike men, are innately deceivers or temptresses has no grounds. This comes from the highest authority; from God Himself. God created mankind, both male and female in His own image.

As daughters of Eve, we are loved and cherished by our Creator. Regardless of man might say, we must not believe the lie that we are somehow morally inferior to man. It simply is not true, A God who loves us doesn’t make anyone inferior.


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