He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I heard my father’s hate filled jeers, I beheld my mother’s tears,

Daughters too felt the blows, how many times, God only knows.

Societal norms instill, woman are low, kingship on man bestow.

Eve’s curse our destiny besmears, our life course she steers.


Wed me not, no husband dears; repeated abuse are my fears.


Then tall and charming caught my heart; fears of abuse depart.

Love crept in, covered my eye, caution to the wind – goodbye.

This love is different; I believed the lie; I reasoned not why.

Desired love betrayed the heart even the day he called me “tart”.


Confined for life, “No friends for you. You’re talking to who?

Jump high, jump low; take my blows. I tell you where you can go.”

A girlfriend for you, O no! It’s my right to make you eat crow.”

Jealous control, “No freedom for you; I will tell you what you can do.”


Debased I hear, “You dirty cow, take this shove.” This is not love!

Mother-in-law defends her son, “Forget what he has done.”

Twisted advice I will shun for the damage cannot be undone.

Lady, this is not pure love; your son defies the God above.


I was designed a helpmeet; co-equal, not to live in defeat.

Created to be by his side, equality and friendship abide.

The enemy lied; we’re made of the rib to stand side-by-side,

Broken-heart, love deplete. Only in God I am complete.


Created in God’s image, value Eve’s daughters in every age,

God’s handiwork flawless, my hurt His wondrous love caress.

His glance heals my distress; my broken heart would He possess.

Healing engage, love divine, my bruised body assuage.



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