The Rib Stealer

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

  • Jesus Christ

The minute Satan deceived Adam and Eve (yes both of them) in the garden, Eve’s God-given position was destroyed. Satan was the first one to steal Eve’s rib and destroy her worth in society. He is the thief that stole her true identity. Since then, men have taken their lead from the devil and have not acknowledged that Adam and Eve were created equal. Eve was of the same flesh as Adam, from his rib so that she would be equal to him in all things. If a man does not respect the daughters of Eve, considering them his equal, then he has a mind after Satan and not after God for although God pronounced the curses, they were not part of God’s plan for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.

The result of sin in the world was a curse upon three; 1) Eve, who would suffer in childbearing and her husband would rule over her, 2) Adam who would toil, work hard to feed his family and provide them with shelter and 3) Satan who would be depicted as the lowest of animals and there would be enmity between the woman and Satan, between her seed and his seed. But the promise is that her offspring (that is Jesus Christ) will bruise his head. (At the end of time, the Christ will send Satan to hell.)

But the results of sin do not have to last forever and we can even bring a halt to it in our own lives. When men and women begin to follow Jesus, a renewal of the mind begins. “For there is neither Jew nor non-Jew, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” The original order is restored and Eve is given back her rib, to be equal, to be strong and independent. That is how Christ sees it and that is what those who follow his teachings learn and begin to follow.


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