Walking in the Garden with God

I come to the garden alone, While the dew is still on the roses, And the voice I hear singing in my ear, The Son of God discloses.

A young lady I know started teaching children the Qur’an in the mosque as there was no male religious leader to do so. She was quickly advised by a man that she couldn’t do this because she was a woman.

Religion tells us that as a daughter of Eve, we cannot enter a mosque. Religion tells us that as a daughter of Eve we cannot hold a pastoral position for a woman’s voice must not be heard in the church. Religious traditions says that the daughters of Eve cannot pray or read Holy Scriptures during their menstrual times. Yet I would like to portray a very different picture of how God views a woman’s spirituality.

Imagine if you will a beautiful garden lined with fruit trees, radiant with a rainbow of blooms and fragrant with jasmine and cherry blossoms. A visit to the garden at any time is pleasurable and relaxing, soothes the tired brow. Now it is the cool of the evening, the garden’s peaceful paths stretch out before you. Into this beautiful garden enters Adam and Eve walking, talking, laughing; enjoying each other’s company. But wait! Who is that third figure? It is God walking with them, both of them. How would you like to walk in a garden with God as your companion? Adam and Eve were privileged to walk with him and commune with him, have fellowship with him. One as to wonder what topics he discussed, what spiritual truths he gave them, what loving advice he bestowed upon them.

But the point is that both Adam and Eve could walk with God, there was no distinction. How very unlike our religious intuitions today. I like God’s way better and I am encouraged and strengthened, empowered to know that God values the worship of both men and women, He wants to walk in the garden with the sons and daughters of His Creation.


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