The Lord is more powerful than anyone or anything.  He is always ready to help you.  Jesus is the Lord of freedom.  He loosens the chains of oppression and throws them away.  He is the great Emancipator, and leads His people out of slavery.  There is only One way to freedom, and it is through Jesus Christ. – Excerpt from His Lady by T.D. Jakes

Sometimes I hurt, badly.  Sometimes when I hurt there is no one to turn to; that is, no person who is near to me or who can understand the anguish in my soul.  So I run to God.  It is there that I find rest for my weary soul and heart.

God changed my life and made me whole.  He lifted me up when man put me down.  He told me he loved me and held me in the bosom of his heart when I cried.  He saw me cry and then wiped my tears with his comfort.  He called me his daughter and gave me the strength to carry on.  He promised me that with him as my strength and my shield, I had no one to fear.  He promised me that he does not break a bruised reed.  As I spent time in his presence and in his word he proved to me time and time again that his words are true.  The scriptures say that all his promises are true in Christ Jesus.  I have found that God does not break bruised reeds.  He loves them gently and tenderly and mends the cracks and sets them upright again.  That is my God.

He heard the raging of my heart when I accused him that he was the one who allowed me to suffer.  He let me accuse him and then he took me aside and told me that he allowed it so I could understand others when they cried.  I have heard many cries.  I know the stories of many women, and I cry because they cry.  I have walked that road too.  But I know a God who loves women.  I know a God who weeps when we weep, who is angered at the injustices that we suffer at the hands of men.  That is not what God wants for his daughters.  He wants them to be happy, full of joy, abounding in strength and dignity.  He wants that all men should respect them.  That is God’s order.  Perhaps in this life, we will never receive the full respect of men.  But in this life we can experience the fullness of God in his grace and mercy.  I believe that is a comfort that will carry us through each day.  That is why I decided to write this blog.  I pray that the love of God will take you through every difficulty in life, with joy and confidence that you are very special.  To be loved and cherished by the Almighty is a very special love indeed.  No other love can compare